The Organization and Organism of a Biblical Church

I believe that there are two distinct parts of the biblical church. The first component is the organizational component of the church. This is the administrative, discipleship, and directional structures of the church. Teaching, preaching, worshipping, all fall under this section. Yes – teaching, preaching and worshiping are ORGANIZATIONAL because the purpose is to instruct in such a manner that we remove the thinking of our old self and align our thinking with the new creation we’ve become through being in relationship with Christ.

The second component is the organism component of the church. This is the outreach, evangelism, missions, community, social justice etc. components of the church. This is the BODY of the church being light in a dark world.

The ORGANISM needs the ORGANIZATIONAL in order to remain INTACT and INTENTIONAL. The ORGANIZATIONAL needs the ORGANISM in order to be ALIVE and PURPOSEFUL. So in order for the church to be whole, it must have both ORGANISM and ORGANIZATIONAL aspects working together.

Some churches have the ORGANIZATIONAL aspects clearly established, however, the ORGANISM aspect is non-existent because serving is done to serve those already being blessed, rather then those who were outside of the blessing of the Church.

Other churches have the ORGANIZATIONAL aspects clearly established and they work very hard to CREATE opportunities for the ORGANISM to exist. The problem is that those opportunities are generated by the ORGANIZATIONAL mechanisms rather then being organically generated by the ORGANISM of the BODY. The staff of these churches still do all the planning and determining of the events, rather then letting the BODY do that.

I believe that the church should be involved with both aspects. The ORGANIZATIONAL aspect disciples and encourages the saved while instilling in them the values and beliefs necessary to become the ORGANISM that reaches the lost.

Building campaigns and multi-sites are part of the ORGANIZATIONAL aspect that expands the influence of the ORGANISM.

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