Understanding Toxic People

Toxic people/customers are always going to have a particular kind of response. They’ve self-aggrandized their position in life and have lost the core competencies of what it means to be a human being. As such, you can either seek to reform/reeducate them or you simply have to walk away. Confronting them does nothing because, from their perspective, they are in the right.

Three Kings Quote

The following is a quote from the Gene Edwards book, “A Tale of Three Kings” Enjoy.

This particular kingdom is different from all others. This kingdom is composed of God’s people. It is a spiritual kingdom. I tell you emphatically, no rebellion in the kingdom of God is proper, nor can it ever be fully blessed.”

“Why do you say this, Sage?”

“For many reasons. One is obvious. In the spiritual realm, those who lead rebellions have already proven, no matter how grandiose their words or angelic their ways, that they have a critical nature, an unprincipled character, and hidden motives in their hearts. Frankly, they are thieves. They create dissatisfaction and tension within the realm and then either seize power or siphon off followers. They use their followers to found their own dominions. Such a sorry beginning, built on the foundation of insurrection. . . . No, God never honors division in his realm.

“I find it curious that those who feel qualified to split God’s kingdom do not feel capable of going somewhere else—to another land—to raise up a completely new kingdom. No, they must steal from another leader. I have never seen the exception. They seem always to need at least a few prepackaged followers.

“Beginning empty-handed and alone frightens the best of men. It also speaks volumes of just how sure they are that God is with them. Their every word, if truly understood, tells of their insecurity.

“There are many lands unspoiled and unpossessed. There are many people in other places waiting to follow a true king, a true man of God. Why don’t ‘would-be kings and prophets’ simply walk quietly away, alone, then find another people in another place, and there raise up the kingdom they envision?

“Those who lead rebellions in the spiritual world are unworthy. There are no exceptions. And now I must go. I must join the passing parade.”

“Tell me, Sage, what is your name?”

“My name? I am History.”

Creating a sense of Urgency

I often run into individuals who have incredible dreams and passion but no sense of urgency. They love to talk about things, but the actual doing of said things is a foreign concept. They have no urgency and as a result often end up being complacent.

Here’s the thing – having a sense of urgency is not normal – it must be created and recreated. The problem comes when we create a sense of false urgency out of anxiety or frustration that manifests itself in a flurry of unproductive behavior.

When urgency is understood both intellectually and emotionally, it always results in productive, daily behaviors that move us closer to our target.

There’s a couple of things we can do to move towards creating a mindset of urgency

  1. We can look outside of what we are currently doing.
    If we want to change something, then we have to move from an internal perspective to an external perspective.
  2. We have to act like we have a sense of urgency every day.
    This means we are ruthless in removing obstacles and challenges that keep us from our mission. This means we speak passionately about what we are working towards. This means we walk the talk at all times.
  3. We have to find opportunities in the midst of the chaos and crisis.
    When we have a sense of urgency, we can’t focus on damage control. We recognize there are going to be some casualties along the way, but the greater purpose is what drives us. Sometimes damage control makes us cautious and complacent and as individuals driven by a sense of urgency, we cannot afford to be cautious or complacent because there’s too much at stake.
  4. We have to eliminate the idea that things are fine.
    If you look at a situation and think to yourself, “It’s fine as it is”, chances are you are not looking at that situation with a sense of urgency. That means you’re not seeing all the problems or challenges associated with that situation. What follows is the inability to know when to act.

Bottom line is that we have to act with a sense of urgency if we want to achieve what God has placed in our hearts. Acting urgently is the what allows us to move through complacency.

Greed is Tricky

Greed is tricky.

An individual who generally thinks of themselves as not greedy can, by simply adding a favorable deposit, become almost instantly greedy.

Does this mean that the individual is inherently greedy? Or is greed something that is propagated by the addition and/or subtraction of financial gain/loss?

See – greed is tricky because at the very center of greed is the root of all things evil, that being selfishness. Selfishness is this desire to want, to need, to gain some type of control or power over some random area that is otherwise inconsequential. Greed is a controlling dynamic and always seeks for more control, no matter how dormant it may have been for any period of time.

So how do you have control over greed?

It’s simple, Greed is always controlled by a spirit of gratefulness and the humility to recognize that all is nothing. Sure, at first glance this statement may smirk of nihilism, but the truth of the matter is that all gain or loss is inconsequential in the grand scheme of life.

Gain everything or lose it all, the only thing we can truly have any power over is our choice to be grateful and content with what we have. Never longing for anything else nor coveting what others have. Simply put, being at peace with ourself and recognizing that God has put us in this station of life for a purpose. That recognition is what allows us to trust and have faith in Him and, satisfactorily, defeat greed.

New Kinds of Churches really are the hope of the future article

I wonder and may it be so…

New kinds of churches really are the hope of the future

The Goal is…

The goal is to develop spiritual stamina so when a problem occurs we don’t react out of emotion but rather out of wisdom.

While there is a place for emotion, I’m convinced in this age of outrage that responding wisely is vastly superior than responding emotionally.