Do you really only have 90 days to live?

Maybe, I don’t know. As of right now I see myself having a long and fruitful life. That could all change obviously, but for right now I have no plans to die anytime soon. However, if I do die in 90 days then I want my loved ones to know that I did my best to prepare them for my death.

What do you mean that you did your best to prepare them for your death?

I want my family, friends and co-workers to know that I’ve created easy documentation and systems to help my spouse and my work to continue on without me. I don’t want there to be any surprises or questions. I know that there’s going to be some emotional hurdles to overcome, and I can’t help those – but I can certainly take the mystery out of the details of my life.

Isn’t this a little morbid?

Maybe it is, but I prefer to think of it as if I’m doing this out of the love that I have for those closest to me, not to be morbid.

Why do you want to die?

I don’t want to die, but I understand that death is a natural part of life. I also understand that in today’s fast-paced world, I want to make sure that those closest to me know all my secrets so that there are no surprises.

What made you think of this?

I have had a couple of people in the last few weeks tell me some things that appear to indicate that there are some changes coming for me in my life. The people who said these things to me are people whose words I listen to closely, and so I started to think about what it’s going to take for me to prepare for things at work. As I started to think about that, I realized that if I’m going to prepare for things at work, then I also need to prepare for things in other areas of my life. In thinking about this, I woke up early one morning and simply asked God to give me another 90 days so that I be prepared for what He has planned next for my life.

When do the 90 days end?

90 days from when you start. On that day, I’d like to be able to say to God, my family, and my co-workers that I’m ready for whatever God has in store for me next.

Are you sure this isn’t about dying or death?

I’m absolutely sure! If anything, this is about freeing myself up from the concerns of the day and setting myself up in the next 90 days to live my life to the fullest!

What if I have a question for you that’s not on this page?

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