Three Kings Quote

The following is a quote from the Gene Edwards book, "A Tale of Three Kings" Enjoy. This particular kingdom is different from all others. This kingdom is composed of God’s people. It is a spiritual kingdom. I tell you emphatically, no rebellion in … [Continue reading]

Creating a sense of Urgency

I often run into individuals who have incredible dreams and passion but no sense of urgency. They love to talk about things, but the actual doing of said things is a foreign concept. They have no urgency and as a result often end up being … [Continue reading]

Greed is Tricky

Greed is tricky. An individual who generally thinks of themselves as not greedy can, by simply adding a favorable deposit, become almost instantly greedy. Does this mean that the individual is inherently greedy? Or is greed something that is … [Continue reading]

New Kinds of Churches really are the hope of the future article

I wonder and may it be so... New kinds of churches really are the hope of the future … [Continue reading]

The Goal is…

The goal is to develop spiritual stamina so when a problem occurs we don't react out of emotion but rather out of wisdom. While there is a place for emotion, I'm convinced in this age of outrage that responding wisely is vastly superior than … [Continue reading]

The Too Accessible Pastor Article

Oh man... this article hurts more than I can even describe. It's not so much that it's true as it is that I recognize how much I've struggled and lost as a result of what this author is talking about. Here you go... AppalachianMagazine September … [Continue reading]