Did God Abandon Jesus?

Sometimes I read scripture and and struggle with understanding it fully. A great example can be found in Matthew 27:46 where he calls out in a loud voice, “My God, My God, why have forsaken/abandoned me?” Here’s the question that I have – is Jesus … [Continue reading]

The Entrepreneurial Pastor

Entrepreneurship and the Christian faith go hand in hand. You cannot separate the two because for over 2,000 years, God has used entrepreneurial pastors to reach the lost, to equip the saints, and to forge new kingdom ground.  Need some examples? … [Continue reading]

Understanding Toxic People

Toxic people/customers are always going to have a particular kind of response. They've self-aggrandized their position in life and have lost the core competencies of what it means to be a human being. As such, you can either seek to reform/reeducate … [Continue reading]

Three Kings Quote

The following is a quote from the Gene Edwards book, "A Tale of Three Kings" Enjoy. This particular kingdom is different from all others. This kingdom is composed of God’s people. It is a spiritual kingdom. I tell you emphatically, no rebellion in … [Continue reading]

Creating a sense of Urgency

I often run into individuals who have incredible dreams and passion but no sense of urgency. They love to talk about things, but the actual doing of said things is a foreign concept. They have no urgency and as a result often end up being … [Continue reading]

Greed is Tricky

Greed is tricky. An individual who generally thinks of themselves as not greedy can, by simply adding a favorable deposit, become almost instantly greedy. Does this mean that the individual is inherently greedy? Or is greed something that is … [Continue reading]