Processing Can be Overrated

Sometimes processing can be overrated. Hear me out on this. It's not that it's not important to process events or circumstances, it's just that sometimes the processing can get in the way of what you're supposed to be learning. Sometimes … [Continue reading]

The Most Stubborn Habits…

“The most stubborn habits which resist change with the greatest tenacity are those which worked well for a space of time and led to the practitioner being rewarded for those behaviors. If you suddenly tell such persons that their recipe for success … [Continue reading]

Crockpots versus Microwaves

When deciding what to cook, it's important to make sure that you are using the correct equipment to get the right results. You either want your meal to come out tasty and savory or quick and fast. Above all else, you want it to be edible. You have … [Continue reading]

Do You Have to go to Church?

The simple answer is No. You don't have to go to church. But you do have to be part of the body of Christ. And the very best way to be part of the body is to create intentional and purposeful opportunities to build relationships with others in the … [Continue reading]

Is the Bible a Start or an End?

I read this quote somewhere, but I can't find the link. However, it's so good that I wanted to share it with you. The Bible in Jesus world was a scroll that you saw someone reading in the center of the room, in the midst of community. And then … [Continue reading]

Age Effectiveness in the Local Church

I've been thinking about the effectiveness that age brings to the local church. It seems to me, that as leaders in the church, we fall into three separate age groups of effectiveness. Ages 20 to 35 From age 20 to 35 - you're learning and … [Continue reading]