Trying ideas on…

I like to try ideas on. I like to take an idea, an opportunity, a possibility, a whim, and try it on for a few days just to get a sense about what it might be like if it was real, if I actually followed through, if I made the decision to pursue … [Continue reading]

Gripping panic and fear

There are random moments that I find myself crippled with panic and fear. Sometimes I can go days without this happening. Other times, it happens so frequently that I spend the entire day battling and find myself completely exhausted at the end of … [Continue reading]

Conversational Church Style

The last church I pastored was a small, well-established church at the end of it's life. We met in a coffeehouse that had previously been the church building and we engaged in what I called a "conversational service style." Other's might classify … [Continue reading]

Easy or Hard

At times I get fixated on a theme or concept that I'm wrestling with. For the past couple of days, I've been wrestling with this theme of doing hard things versus doing easy things. When asked the question, "Do you want to do hard things or easy … [Continue reading]

Press in or Walk Away?

It seems that there are always to clear responses to any situation. The first response is that you can walk away. See something that you don't like? Walk away. Are you bothered by the culture? Walk away. Did you get hurt or wounded or offended? … [Continue reading]

I Survived Being Hit By an F-250

A year ago I was crossing a street in Nashville, TN and was hit by a Ford F-250. I survived. I had been in Nashville to attend a leadership development training. I had spent the last couple of days with some amazing people and was exploring the … [Continue reading]