Pandemic Reflections

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been watching and listening to the people that I interact with on a regular basis and processing how they are coming to terms with the reality of this pandemic. My pastor friends seem to fall into two distinct … [Continue reading]

To Dream Audaciously

I've been thinking about what it means to dream audaciously. This comes, in part, out of a conversation that I had with an individual regarding a mindset of 1950's or 2050's when it comes to the church. This individual's argument was that it was … [Continue reading]

A Theology of Virtual Sacraments

Oftentimes, I have people asking me my opinion on the validity of virtual sacraments. So here's the foundation of theology of virtual sacraments. 1. Technology is not autonomous. No matter how sophisticated the technology is, it still has to be … [Continue reading]

Trying ideas on…

I like to try ideas on. I like to take an idea, an opportunity, a possibility, a whim, and try it on for a few days just to get a sense about what it might be like if it was real, if I actually followed through, if I made the decision to pursue … [Continue reading]

Gripping panic and fear

There are random moments that I find myself crippled with panic and fear. Sometimes I can go days without this happening. Other times, it happens so frequently that I spend the entire day battling and find myself completely exhausted at the end of … [Continue reading]

Conversational Church Style

The last church I pastored was a small, well-established church at the end of it's life. We met in a coffeehouse that had previously been the church building and we engaged in what I called a "conversational service style." Other's might classify … [Continue reading]